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AUSLC analyzes

methods of legal aid, recommendations for their practical using and further implementation on the territory of Ukraine.

AUSLC improves

and certifies the professional level and skills in the field of Law by training courses and seminars.

AUSLC ensures

the implementation of standards and norms of the European Union in the field of Law in Ukraine, forms of the unified policy on registration of practicing lawyers and individuals who ...

AUSLC forms

a unified self-government of lawyers and individuals who study Law in Ukraine in order to protect their interests and professional rights in Ukraine and abroad.

About us

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council is the independent self-government authority of lawyers in Ukraine, the aim and task of which is an implementation of international standards into the national legislation and adaptation of the system of jurisprudence of Ukraine in accordance with requirements of European Union and implementation of the international law in the Ukrainian legal system.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council is the unified body in Ukraine, which combines legal professionals in the unified registration system according to world standards and which will promote protecting of lawyers who are the members of the Organization, to protect their professionals and legal interests before the society and the state, control the compliance with the law and professional lawyer conduct during their professional activities.

We look toward to create necessary conditions for the development of legal consciousness of society, promotions of prestige of the legal profession and improvement of general quality of the legal aid.

Our history

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council was founded due to requirements of the European Union in full accordance to the national legislation and recommendations of public authorities.
It was initiated forms of coordinating body of establish of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council as independent self-government authority of lawyers in Ukraine which combines all legal professionals, from legal practitioners to judges and representatives of justice authorities.

The AUSLC was founded to develop and to improve the institution of lawyer’s self-government in Ukraine. It provides realization another requirement towards to the European integration.



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Office hours

10.00 – 18.00