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Lawyers’ self-government bodies take central place in organization of lawyer’s activities in the field of jurisprudence in almost all countries, to promote the formation of a common policy in the field of the providing high-quality legal services, to assure professional training of specialists and their compliance with professional ethics. The idea of establishing self-government lawyers of Ukraine has aim to provide effective and completely new activity of Ukrainian lawyers through the association state mechanisms and legal autonomy area for improvement of legal advice and general competence of specialists.

This was the reason to found the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council as independent, collegial body of lawyer’s self-government, the aim of which is to assist to integration of unified international regulatory procedure of legal profession and jurisprudence in general.

Of course, the formation of professional autonomy is impossible without creation of a national register, which main purpose is to bring together all the specialists in the field of law, regardless of their political views and professional specialization. Register of practicing lawyers is created with aim to collect, keep and account data on lawyers of Ukraine and citizens of other countries who have the right to practice law in our country.

Maintain a registry of members of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council, the acceptance procedure to membership, rights and obligations, as well as the procedure for termination of membership determined by the Regulation of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council.


Members of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council shall be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, has eighteen years of age and in their educational, professional or other belonging acquired rights and obligations by which can act in full accordance to the Regulation of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council. Reception and registration of citizens is made on the basis of a written application form and required documents. Existence of legal education or studying in legal specialty is obligatory requirement. To become the member of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council a person shall submit such documents: confirmed in the legally established order diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; permission to practice law, approved by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine; permission to employment, approved by the State employment center of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.
Registration involved after submission of documents and contribution of administrative fees.

The order of reception of citizens is carried out according to the internal Order of the Head of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council.  Address: 9, Prorizna st.,  off. 1, Kyiv, Ukraine. A written request can be sent to the email address of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council.

Documents, necessary for the registration at the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council:

  • application
  • copy of diploma
  • application form (by request)
  • consent letter for processing of personal data
  • document confirmed administrative fees

Registered members of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council make the following contributions:

  • annual membership fees
  • entrance fees

Entrance fee is one-time fee, paid during the registration of the lawyer at the Unified Register of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council. Entrance fee is paid within 3 days of receiving the decision by competent body on acceptance the applicant as a Member.

Annual fees are one-time fees, which are paid in full size by registered members.