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Who We Are


The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council is collegial, independent, self-government authority of lawyers which acts on a permanent basis in the system of jurisprudence of Ukraine and aims to provide arrangement and activities of the professional corps of lawyers and compliance with the law and ethics of lawyers during their professional legal activities and legal assistance. The AUSLC is an independent self-government body which promotes the improvement of national legislation by implementation of main European principles and standards.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council cooperates with the public authorities, institutions and legal professional bodies and associations all over the world on issues about lawyer’s self-government and persons who studies law in a way prescribed by the legislation and international agreements.

The AUSLC provides conclusions which are compulsory to consideration, explanations and recommendations as to national and international issues of lawyer’s activity.

Forms special bodies that are obliged to review cases on bringing to disciplinal responsibility of members of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council, as well as to monitor their compliance with the good legal practice requirements.

Performs special background verification of candidates who wish to take positions related to legal profession, take measures to ensure authority of members of lawyers’ government in Ukraine and abroad.

Approves the Regulation Unified Registration System.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council fulfills the following tasks:

  • ensures of access of Ukrainian lawyers to quality foreign education
  • improves their professional skills
  • maintains of national register of lawyers, engaged in professional activities
  • provides obligatory to review consultative conclusions of drafted laws on issues relating to jurisprudence and legal self-government
  • summarizes proposals of lawyers, professional bodies, institutions and organizations of jurisprudence on the status and functioning of lawyers’ self-government.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council, due to the implementation of defined powers involved in international cooperation, including cooperation with foreign universities, professional bodies, institutions and organizations on issues of research of specialists in the field of law and other issues relating to the system of jurisprudence, also it is manager of international assistance from foreign entities and can be a member of the professional international bodies, institutions, associations and organizations.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council admits students to training programs, seminars and practical training courses for improvement of professional lawyers’ skills, assists in training of candidates qualified in Ukraine for passing international exams and helps foreigners to study Ukrainian programs.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council assists in provision of national control for studying and employment of Ukrainian lawyers abroad; participates in the development of teaching and learning materials for lawyers’ study.